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In almost all Salesforce projects we do, customers ask us: How can I get my Salesforce data into my ERP system, and vice versa, in an easy and controllable way?

There is quite a lot of answers to this question as there is a variety of tools and methods both free and paying that can do this job.

Step 1. Setting up Salesforce Outbound Message

In Salesforce you can set up a workflow rule that sends out an outbound message based on a particular action (change a field for example). In this example we will trigger the workflow if we change the picklist field Type on account to “Customer”.

Notice on the Outbound Message screenshot that we are using a endpoint, this is solely used for testing purposes. PutsReq is a great website for testing out HTTP requests. It captures the header and displays the raw body of our message. In our example we use it to capture the xml output which will later be used in our Dell Boomi xml profile.